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Alborz yadak company is located in ghazvin industrial city in iran and was founded in 1980 and is the biggest
company in iran specialized in manufacturing all kinds of gas cylinder valves, complete c.n.g gas conversion kits

for vehicles, transfer machines and miscellaneous parts .

 alborz yadak is a leading company in c.n.g products engineering and processing technology and by using

engineering softwares and experienced design team continually analyzes and evaluates every c.n.g product and their

components in an effort to improve the products quality and performance .

our company has developed major in training quality control personnel to enhance the quality control system .

 our company has gained the following approvals and certificates :

1-series of iso 15500 and r110 certificates

and e mark for all our c.n.g components . 

2-  -mark and isiri 11350-11351 certificates for all our lpg valves .

3-tped certificates for our quality assurance .

4-iso 9001:2008 for quality management .